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Purpose Definition Workshop

The fundamental workshop in which we discover your company's purpose from a customer's perspective.
'Which fundamental problem do you solve?', is the key question which we answer in this workshop.
Not easy, but a lot of fun and result!
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Inspiring Story Telling

This workshop translates the purpose into an inspiring story, both for your customers and your co-workers.
We reposition your company in a fundamental and differentiating way.
We get rid of any noise on your communication.
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Sales Boost Workshop

The Purpose Initiative method uses a fundamental different approach towards sales. The results are impressive: conversion factors of 80% and more!
Therefor we need to train your sales teams.
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Narrative Design

Your story starts with your purpose.
We develop the graphical elements, brand-books, brochures, sales material and images for your purpose.
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Leadership Signature

Once your purpose has been defined, you need to manage and lead from a complete different perspective.
We learn you how to do so.
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Blue Ocean Strategies

If you want to exit your current over-competitive and hyper-price-driven market, a blue ocean is needed.
We have the method to find these new markets for you.
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